Vision Statement: Our community's Rural Character will be supported by facilitating strong local ties and communication between the public, organizations, and government; promoting locally owned businesses and supporting quality education; protecting the environment, and maintaining landowners' rights and responsibilities; promoting controlled and well-planned growth with appropriate infrastructure; ensuring proper representation for rural interests and needs; and supporting the health and safety and the privacy of our vibrant community.

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Greater Maple Valley Area Council Members

Officer List
(See Responsibilities for details)

Chair: Steve Hiester
Vice-Chair: Les Dawson
Recording Secretary: Rob Morris
Correspondence Secretary: Peter Rimbos
Treasurer: Tara Mahoney

Member List

The GMVAC service area is broken into the four Community Areas (see Service Area Map) and their respective voting precincts, as shown below. Members are elected for four-year terms within their Community Area.

1) Francis: Atkinson, Francis, Dorre Don, Shadow Lake, Sweeney, and portions of Lake Youngs
Steve Hiester
Nikki Long
Peter Rimbos
Todd Mitchell

2) Hobart: Hobart, McCoy, Tahoma, and portions of Cedar River, Preston, Hutchinson, and Rattlesnake
Warren Iverson
Lorraine Blacklock
Tara Mahoney
Rob Morris

3) Ravensdale: Bitterroot, Kangley, Lund, Ravensdale, Selleck and portions of Pipeline, Crow, Falcon, Phoebe, and Plains
Susan Harvey
Craig Duckering
Rhys Sterling

4) River Heights: Cedar Park, Milwaukee, Riverside, Spring Lake, and portions of Morris, Elliot, Daniel, and Valencia
Leslie Dawson
Sue Neuner
Hendrick Haynes