Vision Statement: Our community's Rural Character will be supported by facilitating strong local ties and communication between the public, organizations, and government; promoting locally owned businesses and supporting quality education; protecting the environment, and maintaining landowners' rights and responsibilities; promoting controlled and well-planned growth with appropriate infrastructure; ensuring proper representation for rural interests and needs; and supporting the health and safety and the privacy of our vibrant community.

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GMVAC Officers/Focals/Committees


Steve Hiester

Maintains Council operations and interfaces. Executes all instruments on its behalf; prepares the agenda (with assistance of the Executive Committee, as appropriate); presides at all meetings of the Council and of the Executive Committee; calls emergency meetings, other than the regular meetings of the Council; and performs other duties usually inherent in such an office.

Les Dawson

Serves in the absence of the Chair and performs other duties as the Chair, or the Council, shall direct. Administers the election of members. Plans and conducts Area Council election and advisory surveys.

Recording Secretary
Rob Morris

Distributes agenda of each regular Council meeting. Prepares and distributes minutes of the prior meeting. Schedules rooms for regular meetings. Keeps all records of the Council, except those of the Corresponding Secretary and the Treasurer, and shall perform such other duties as the Chairperson shall direct.

Corresponding Secretary
Peter Rimbos

Prepares and transmits all Council correspondence, and shall perform other duties as the Chairperson shall direct. Authors articles on Council activities and obtains publication. Controls Council website content.

Tara Mahoney

Receives and is accountable for all funds belonging to the Council; maintains bank accounts in depositories designated by the Executive Committee; provides quarterly financial reports; and pays all obligations.


Governance and Legislative Affairs
Steve Hiester

Monitors activities of county, state, and others regarding proposed and enacted ordinances and laws affecting the unincorporated area.

Public Safety
Warren Iverson

Monitors activities (may attend meetings) of county and others.

School District Affairs
Sue Neuner

Monitors activities (may attend meetings) of school board and others.

Human Services
Todd Mitchell

Monitors activities (may attend meetings) of King County human and social service departments and private organizations.

STANDING COMMITTEES (Chair listed first in italics)

Executive Committee

Consists of the five Officers and the past Chairperson, if he or she is still a member of the Council. Manages the affairs of the corporation. It meets quarterly or as needed. (All Council members are free to attend.) It reviews all active business of the Council and sets the agenda for the upcoming regular meeting of the council. Three members constitute a quorum for the transaction of official business.


Chair: Rob Morris
Vice Chair: Lorraine Blacklock
Members: Susan Harvey, Warren Iverson, and Tara Mahoney

Conduct outreach efforts within the community. Prepare and execute bi-annual Area Council Elections and Citizens' Advisory Survey.

Council By-Laws

Chair: Rob Morris
Vice-Chair: Todd Mitchell
Members: Steve Hiester and Rhys Sterling

Reviews current by-laws and in conjunction with the entire Area Council, identify any item/issue needing update, or change, and drafting proposed language. Reviews and revises voting precincts that define Council Districts every four years.

Train Show

Steve Hiester
, Susan Harvey, Warren Iverson, Tara Mahoney, and John Huson (community resident)

Defines Council support requirements and recruits and implements activities necessary to conduct train show.

Growth Management [Est. 2/06]

Chair: Peter Rimbos
Vice-Chair: Rhys Sterling
Members: Lorraine Blacklock, Les Dawson, Craig Duckering, Warren Iverson, and Nikki Long

Monitor County and local jurisdiction land-use decisions, Environmental Impact Statements, proposed and enacted ordinances, and Comprehensive Plan updates through interactions with the County Transportation, Economy, and Environment (TrEE) Committee.

Transportation [Est. 11/06]

Chair: Susan Harvey
Vice-Chair: Nikki Long
Members: Lorraine Blacklock, Craig Duckering, Warren Iverson, and Peter Rimbos

Investigate the area’s transportation problems and offer potential path towards mitigation. Review local transportation plans, Transportation Needs Reports, county transportation budget, road priorities, and concurrency travel sheds.

Flood Control/Surface Water Management [Est. 3/08]

Chair: Warren Iverson
Vice-Chair: Sue Neuner
Members: Steve Hiester and Todd Mitchell

Study King County flood control and surface water management issues, assess current status of policies and fees. Attend Cedar River Council and Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) #8 Steering Committee meetings.

Natural Resources/Parks [Est. 12/12]

Chair: Les Dawson
Vice-Chair: Susan Harvey
Members: Sue Neuner and Rhys Sterling

Study regional parks, historic landmarks, natural habitats, water quality, wastewater, and solid waste.